Welcome to the Quad City Audubon Society. A chapter of the National Audubon Society, we are an association of local volunteers whose primary concerns are birds and the habitats that sustain them.

Upcoming Events

All events are open to the public

October 19, Sunday - field trip to Crow Creek Park in Bettendorf. Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the north entrance of the park by the quarry. Duration: 2-3 hours.

November 3, Sunday - Smiths Island by Lock and Dam 14 field trip near Le Claire, Iowa (Iowa side). Meet at 8:00 a.m. in the parking lot at the Lock and Dam. Duration: 3 hours. Last year we went to lunch after the field trip.

November 13 - Brent Langley, our club secretary, presents his program entitled Birding in Southern France at our monthly membership meeting. He will introduce us to the Camargue, which is a huge area of marshes where the Rhone River spreads out to enter the Mediterranean Sea. This area is home to a great variety of waterfowl and wading species and representatives of several African families, such as the bee-eater, roller, hoopoe, and flamingo.

Election of new Board Members - candidates for the QCAS board positions beginning in 2015 will be voted on at the November 2014, membership meeting. The candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee are: Dick Sayles, president; Tim Murphy, vice president; Walt Zuurdeeg, treasurer; Brent Langley, secretary; Jody Millar, board member; Judy Hartley, board member; Cathy Konrad, board member. New board members will replace Pat Carlson and Patrice Johannsen; the board would like to thank Pat and Patrice for their service on the board.

November 15, Saturday - Thomson Causeway in Illinois. Meet at 7:30 a.m. at Brothers' Resturant in Rapid City, Illinois (Hwy 84). Field trip duration: half day.


For injured birds go to the Get Involved page

Mission Statement

The Quad City Audubon Society (QCAS)
is dedicated to the enjoyment of birds, a better
understanding of the natural world,
stewardship of natural areas and habitats, fellowship,
improvement of community awareness of environmental issues,
and education of youth for the benefit of future generations

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Can you guess what's in the center of the wasp nest? ...


... why it's a curious Tufted Titmouse of course!
Port Byron, Illinois, January 2014

Acknowledgement: both photos by Patrice Johannsen


Baltimore Oriole contemplating its next meal, Buffalo, Iowa, May 2013

Acknowledgement: photo by Dick Sayles


Snowy Egret in Port Aransas, Texas, February 2013

Acknowledgement: photo by Dick Sayles


Wandering Tattler in Maui, Hawaii, January 2013

Acknowledgement: photo by Dick Sayles


Great Gray Owl in Middleton, Wisconsin, March 2013

Acknowledgement: photo by Bob Johannsen


Red Crossbill (male) at Fairmount Cemetery, Davenport, February 2013

Acknowledgement: photo by Connie Inskeep


Bufflehead at Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge in California, March 2012

Acknowledgement: photo by Brent Langley


Trumpeter Swans taking flight at Lock & Dam 13, March 2012

Acknowledgement: photo by Bob Johannsen


Sandhill Cranes basking in the sun at Lock & Dam 13, March 2012

Acknowledgement: photo by Bob Johannsen


Leucistic House Sparrow in Moline, January 2012

Acknowledgement: photo by JoAnn Whitmore


Blue-headed Vireo at Blackhawk State Park in May 2011

Acknowledgement: photo by Connie Inskeep


Sandhill Crane at Lock & Dam 13
on the Mississippi River in March 2011

Acknowledgement: photo by Bob Johannsen

Credit I. feeders

Northern Cardinal, Downy Woodpeckers, and a
White-breasted Nuthatch at the Quad City Audubon Society feeders
in Credit Island Park, Davenport

Acknowledgement: photo by Matthew Erbst


American White Pelican on the Mississippi River
below Lock & Dam 13, May 2010

Acknowledgement: photo by Brent Langley


Indigo Bunting along the Hennepin Canal by Colona, Illinois, May 2010

Acknowledgement: photo by Brent Langley


Bald Eagle on the Mississippi River above Lock & Dam 15, January 2010

Acknowledgement: photo by Brent Langley


A pair of Monk Parakeets found along
Ben Butterworth Parkway in November 2009 in Moline.

Acknowledgement: photo by Azure Hance


A Prothonotary Warbler captured during a bird banding
exercise with the US Fish and Wildlife Service
near Keithsburg, Illinois.

Acknowledgement: photo by Cathleen Monson


Brown Thrasher with unusually long lower mandible.
The bird in the photos above and below was seen
in a backyard in Moline in late April 2009.

Acknowledgement: photos by Shelley Gradel



Sandhill Cranes seen March 15, 2009 at Lock & Dam 13
during a QCAS field trip.

Acknowledgement: photo by JoAnn Whitmore


This Merlin was seen at Credit Island in Davenport
on January 29, 2008. It remained perched in the same place
for about one hour, allowing excellant views by all
who were fortunate to see it.

Acknowlegdement: photo by Brent Langley


One of two resident Peregrine Falcons at the MidAmerican Building
in downtown Davenport. This photo was taken January 29, 2008
during a QCAS field trip, but you can find them
here pretty much all year long.

Acknowledgement: photo by JoAnn Whitmore


This Burrowing Owl was seen at the
Seven Cities Sod Farm in north Davenport
for several weeks in the Fall of 2006.
Burrowing Owls are rare for eastern Iowa

Acknowlegdement: photo by Marilyn Davis

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