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TN WarblerWelcome to the Quad City Audubon Society. A chapter of the National Audubon Society, we are an association of local volunteers whose primary concerns are birds and the habitats that sustain them.

Mission Statement

The Quad City Audubon Society (QCAS) is dedicated to the enjoyment of birds, a better understanding of the natural world, stewardship of natural areas and habitats, fellowship, improvement of community awareness of environmental issues, and education of youth for the benefit of future generations.

~~ Tenneessee Warbler, photo by Jody Millar


All events are open to the public:

October 12—Monthly Meeting
Doug Harr, President and Chief Operating Officer of Iowa Audubon and former
State Coordinator of the Iowa DNR's Wildlife Diversity Program will speak on Bird Friendly Iowa. He will tell about this multi-partner program and what it takes to be designated a bird friendly city.

October 21—Saturday - Smith's Island Field Trip
Smith's Island is near Lock & Dam 14 on the Iowa side. Meet at 7:00 am in the parking lot of Lock & Dam 14, south of LeClaire, Iowa. Half day trip.

November 9—Monthly Meeting
Jim Frink, local naturalist, will give a presentation on, Wild Things. Be treated to Jim's vast knowledge base on local flora and fauna including: reptiles, snakes, flowers, insects, and mushrooms!

November 19—Sunday - Lock & Dam 13 Field Trip
This area is near Thomson, Illinois. Meet at 7:00 am at The Brother's Restaurant parking lot in Rapid City, Illinois. Waterfowl migration time.. 

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