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Experience tells us that some of the best ideas have come from you - our users. Tell us what you think about our organization, about our web site, what new features you would like to see, or anything else that comes to mind. All of your comments and suggestions are welcome.


Name Email Phone Number
(term expiration)
President - (309) 764-9779
Tim Murphy    
Vice President - (563) 332-5872
Cathy Konrad    
Treasurer - (563) 508-1277
Walt Zuurdeeg    
Secretary - (309) 762-4985
Judy Hartley    

Board Members

Name Email Phone Number
Cathy White (612) 991-7517
Jody Millar (563) 289-4517
Sister Claudia Scharf  
JoAnn Whitmore (309) 797-3727

Committee Chairs

Name Email Phone Number
Conservation - vacant   (563) 324-8897
Education - (563) 289-4517
Jody Millar    
Field Trip -   (309)797-3727
JoAnne Whitmore    
Don Robinson    
Membership - (563) 508-1277
Walt Zuurdeeg    
Newsletter -  
Claudia Scharf    
Publicity -    
Facebook -   (563) 381-2390
Dick Sayles    

~~ Bald Eagle, photo by Jody Millar

The Quad City Audubon Society (QCAS) is dedicated to the enjoyment of birds, a better understanding of the natural world, stewardship of natural areas and habitats, fellowship, improvement of community awareness of environmental issues, and education of youth for the benefit of future generations.


All events are open to the public:

November 9—Monthly Meeting: Jim Frink, local naturalist, will give a presentation on “Wild Things”. Be treated to Jim's vast knowledge base on local flora and fauna including reptiles, snakes, flowers, insects, and mushrooms!

November 19—Sunday - Lock & Dam 13 Field Trip. This area is near Thomson, Illinois. Meet 7:00 am at The Brother's Restaurant parking lot in Rapids City, Illinois. Waterfowl migration time.

December - Audubon Christmas Bird Count: Join one or more bird-counting groups in Iowa or Illinois. Contact Kelly McKay at 309-235-4661 or any Audubon Board Member for more information.

December 14—Monthly Meeting: Jon Duyvejonk, retired biologist with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, will discuss, Mississippi Mussels and their Ecological Benefit. (NOTE: this is our traditional pie night. This meeting will be held at Deere-Wiman House, 817 11th Avenue, Moline Illinois instead of Butterworth for this night only). After this program, we will move to the dining room for our annual pie night, where we will share conversation, pie and coffee. Bring a pie if desired!

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